Ladies’ Committee Members

Annette Kasses, Tina Georgiou, Madeleine Doutreband and Gwenneth Gibson are four of the founding members of the Ladies’ Committee. Their drive and dedication has seen them continue to inspire the committee members of today.

Four of the founding members with Professor Michelle Haber (Director of Children’s Cancer Institute) and Caron Chodos (President of the Ladies’ Committee)

Committee Members 

Deborah Beder

Julie Campbell

Carmen Cavell

Cathy Cavell

Caron Chodos

Diane Docherty

Tina Duignan

Cynthia Goodman

Robyn Hands

Heidi Harris

Sue Hay

Fay Hogan

Lula Kurtis

Emily Levenson

Belinda Levy

Jodi Lonstein

Val Lonstein

Michele Middleton

Maria Morabito

Helga Moraga

Lyn O’Brien

Gloria Pittman

Pina Romeo

Jane Tyrrell

Christine Vasilis

Stephanie Xian